Our mission

Because there is no planet B

We cannot live without air! Industry, transportation and agriculture all release pollutants into the environment that are harmful both to nature and to human beings. Air pollution affects all of us – and every company can play its part in protecting the environment and its employees and in keeping the air clean.

Employee protection

Because the health of our employees
is important to us

Air pollution is everywhere – including in your company. As an employer, you are obliged to protect the health of the people who work for you.

Pollutants that are released during work processes spread through the air and are inhaled by your employees, who spend most of their time in the workplace.

Environmental protection

Because there is only one planet earth

We all have an obligation to the generations to come to protect our environment and the conditions we live in.

At FILTRACON® we have made it our mission to make a contribution to keeping the air clean and protecting the environment with our products.


When our competitors talk about filtration, they are referring to a process for separating and cleaning substances. When we talk about filtration, we are referring to our passion for clean air and a clean environment. Every company can and must do its part to keep air clean.

Social Responsibility

Since its beginnings in 1993, the Theodora Foundation has pursued its mission; to bring laughter and joy to children in hospital. To achieve this, the Foundation organises and funds weekly visits from professional artists – the Giggle Doctors – to hospitals and specialist care centres for children with disabilities. Every year, these funny and intriguing characters spread smiles and moments of happiness at thousands of children’s visits across Switzerland.

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Special Olympics is the largest international sports movement for people with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics operates in more than 170 countries. More than 244,000 coaches and 805,000 volunteers ensure that the nearly 4 million athletes in over 30 disciplines develop their skills and performance well and can meet for joint competitions.

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Members of the Thal-Gäu-Bipperamt Industry and Trade Group use their skills and conviction to advocate free enterprise within the framework of a social and humane market economy.They support efforts for the promotion of professional training and further education and the retention of jobs. They work together with local and cantonal authorities to address economic questions.

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