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Filtration solutions made to order by FILTRACON®

FILTRACON® provides individual filtration solutions for industry – whether for oil mist, smoke or dust, our expertise in keeping air clean means that you have found the right partner in us.

Whatever the characteristics that your filtration system must have and whatever environmental factors it must be able to withstand, FILTRACON® develops the right solution, precisely tailored to your needs and expectations.

Oil & emulsion mist separators

Cooling lubricants such as emulsions and oils are often used for machining work. If these make contact with a rotating spindle or rotating workpiece, a fine mist is created. The mist can enter the atmosphere through the various openings in a tool machine. This is damaging not only to the environment, but also to your employees and machines. The mist is respirable and alveolar, and can cause conditions such as skin irritations and retinal inflammation, thereby damaging the health of your employees. The mist can clog up machines severely, in particular electrical components and measuring instruments, there fore impairs their function. As the mist also settles on the floor, the working environment becomes unsafe and maintenance costs are high. By means of controlled ventilation of the machining volume of a tool machine using our extraction systems, the contamination can be separated out and the treated air released into the atmosphere. Our extraction systems protect your employees, increase the availability and service life of your machines, protect your building, and,last but not least, safeguard the environment.

Direct fitting Group extraction

Dust & smoke separators

Wherever planing work is being carried out, chips are created, wherever grinding work is done, there is dust, wherever welding or casting takes place, smoke is generated. Dust and smoke separators are essential to allow certain processes to be carried out at all. The large variety of separator technologies means that there is the right solution for every application. The systems can be extended to include pre-separators, after-filter systems, explosion relief and suppression or extinguishing systems.

Compact dust extraction systems Dust extraction systems with cartridges Dust extraction systems with filter bags Wet scrubbers and wet separators

Gas & air cleaning

Air can also be contaminated with non solid materials. Dirty air can smell unpleasant and even irritate the airways, nose, skin and eyes if it contains caustic gases. Gas and air cleaning systems capture scent molecules and wash out gases. Gas and air cleaning systems can either treat room air in general or they can be connected directly to the source. Either way, they create a pleasant and safe working environment for your employees and protect your environment.

Air cleaning systems with saturation filters Air cleaning systems with active carbon Gas scrubbers


As a specialist in the filtration of air and gases from industrial processes, we offer you a broad-reaching product line of filter elements. Here you will find the right replacement filter for cartridge dust removal systems with pulse jet or vibrating unit.

Filter cartridges Filter bags Supporting cages and venturis Filter aid

Filter Controls from the EasyLine series

Die Filtersteuerungen RM-208 C / ...CB und RM-216 C / ...CB aus der EasyLine-Serie sind Controller mit einer Loop-Bus-Schnittstelle für die Ansteuerung der Extension-Module RM-LV8 / …16 für den robusten, industriellen Einsatz an Filtersystemen mit Pulsabreinigung mit bis zu 128 Ventilen.


Membrane valve

Membrane valves for use in filtration systems with pressurized pulsing filtration are characterized by very dramatic rises in pressure, a high flow coefficient, and short closing time. These demands are optimally met through a new power reflex membrane. Membrane valves are available for various applications in perpendicular membrane valve, through valve, or valve module variations.


Through Magnet Valve

The development of effective magnet valves as a coupler module between the control electronics and mechanical part of the membrane valve is essential to the realization of shorter reaction times and effective opening time of the membrane valve.


Flushing Gas Tank Systems


FILTRACON® Passive Flame Deflector

The FILTRACON® flame deflector is designed to protect separators on machine tools from the effects of possible flames.



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